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Fogmaker Fire Suppression Systems


RECON INDUSTRIES AUSTRALIA is proud to offer the FOGMAKER Fire Suppression System, as an authorised installer for the FOGMAKER Fire Suppression System by FOGMAKER AUSTRALIA,

We offer the complete service from selection and risk assessment, through to full installation and operator training. We provide the complete solution, we don’t say you need to do this and then we will finish installing it, we install it from start to finish, from custom made enclosures, welding to AS 1554.1:2011 Standard, auto electrical for the engine shut down system and the full installation, testing, repair, servicing and re certification and commissioning.

All work is conducted to the highest standard, AS5062 Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment, industry best practice, AS4242 Earth-moving machinery and ancillary equipment for use in mines - Electrical wiring systems at extra-low voltage, as well as following and exceeding industry best practice

This innovative technology is widely used in Europe with over 50,000 systems installed worldwide; more than 1200 systems were installed in Australia for 2010 and 2011.

The patented construction allows the agent tank to be mounted in any direction - vertically, horizontally, inverted or in narrow spaces to save on precious machinery real-estate. This is also an important safety and security factor where this fire protection system is installed in vehicles that are ever at risk of a roll over.

The agent tank is anodized, high pressure and corrosion protected for harsh environments, with the distribution network primarily stainless steel with brass nozzles. Options for system activation include automated (pneumatic activation), delayed, manual or a combination of all.

The FOGMAKER Water Mist / AFFF System comes in a range of agent tank sizes can be fitted on vehicles such as Graders, Loaders, Dozers, Trucks, Underground Machines, 4 x 4's, Buses, Generators, Compressors, Cranes, Trains, Forestry Machines, Boats; practically most machinery with a semi enclosed space.